Anders Fredriksson

Researcher in Economics

Center for Organization Studies (CORS) – University of São Paulo, Brazil

Contact: anders dot fredriksson at usp dot br


Latest additions/updates:

[Feb 2018] Text at Ekonomistas (in Swedish), analyzing optimal locations, from a distance perspective, for maternity wards in Sweden (translation to English).

[Dec 2017] I was awarded a grant from the Hierta foundation, to study access to cancer treatment in Brazil.

[Dec 2017] New version of the impact evaluation of Citizen Service Centers in Brazil, in which I also discuss similar reforms in other countries.

[Sept 2017] In a new publication, I use publicly available distance data, and standard methods from Operational Research, to analyze how well a public service, Poupatempo in São Paulo, meets the requirement of being close to the population, compared to the theoretically possible minimum travel distance (for the same number of service points). One of the main arguments (section 2.1) is that this kind of analysis can be done with data that is becoming ever more available, thus allowing for transparency in the geographical allocation of public services. With the method suggested, citizens get a new tool with which to evaluate the efficiency of the public sector, in this case with respect to the travel distance/time to public services (first paper on Research page).